The Osotua Women Group

Osotua Women Group was established in 2009 and registered in Kenya as a community based organisation. Currently there are 25 members who between them and the village clusters nearby, have some 100 infant children.

It was initiated by Rimas Tankile Morris, a Maasai women from this area, but now living and working in the UK. Rimas’s work in the UK and her Degree Course in Community Development, highlighted some issues in her community back in Kenya, and gave her insight and knowledge about how to address them. The Osotua Women Group aims to raise awareness amongst their community about concerns such as female genital mutilation, early marriages, AIDS, health care, land rights, climate change, and lack of access to girl child education compared to boys. It is most important that the women are able to understand these issues and spread their knowledge through their wider community.

“Suma olayioni nisum oltung’ani obo. Suma entito nisum oloosho.”
(Educate a man, you educate an individual. Educate a woman and you educate a community)

The Women Group will use the school building as a social/community centre for these purposes. It would also be used for adult literacy classes and marketing advice/training for work on income generating projects such as making and marketing their traditional beadwork jewellery and making fly-traps from recycled materials.

This will enhance awareness, increasing the women’s ability to participate equally in their community and increase their future employment and economic prospects.

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