Team Alton Maasai go for gold in 10km fundraiser! Posted on 30 Sep 2012

Rimas and her friend Michaelle Lukanu organized a team to take part in the Ten Ten Ten Race that took part in Endcliffe Park in Sheffield on Sunday 23rd September 2012. The team made a great effort by all finishing the 10 kilometre race (that’s just over 6 miles)! We even had Gooshi the mascot from Sheffield Is My Planet supporting us!

Team Alton Maasai were Rimas Tankile Morris, Michaelle Lukanu, Lorraine Reuber, Emily Clark, Rob Unwin, Clive Belgeone, Mike Braddick, Markus Reuber, Sally Pearse, Micu Mensonen, Zuzana Hermannova, Georgina Njoki and Natacha Take. Thanks to them and to all our sponsors – once we’ve got all our donations through, we’ll let you know how much we’ve raised for the project from the race!

As a bonus, Totley All Saints Primary School in Sheffield also had a fundraiser for Alton Maasai and Rimas will be visiting them and their teacher Diane Harris during a morning assembly in October to thank them and explain about the project.