The Alton Maasai Learning Centre

Education is valued highly in Kenya, but the facilities to deliver education are few and poorly resourced.

The small Maasai community of Oldanyati in southern Kenya has many young children with no nearby school. Older kids walk the 7 kms to their primary school but the youngsters stay at home.

Our aim is to raise enough money to build, equip and maintain a small learning centre. It will be used as a school for the infant children, and a community-learning centre for the Osotua Women Group. The building will consist of 2 classrooms, a teacher’s room/office, and a kitchen all set in the legal minimum 5 acres of land. The building will also function as a learning centre for the Osotua Women Group.

The community has already donated the 5 acres of land required for the school and its grounds.

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