Our official opening… and the school committee visits Ndanai community Posted on 23 Feb 2014

Rimas visited the school and opened it officially for the community. The school committee participated in the interview process for selecting the contractor for next step of building construction for the second classroom, teachers’ office/store room and completing toilets. The contractor who has been selected was also given to carry out the water harvesting system which was the project funded by The Long Well Walk.

During the visit, Rimas organised a trip for the Alton Maasai school committee and Teachers’ visit to Ndanai community. The trip was supported by Dig Deep. Alton Maasai Project visited a number of projects in this area – a girl’s secondary school which had water harvesting system installed by Dig Deep, a children home with disabled children, a primary school and a community water project.

The visit was very successful and the members of Alton Maasai Project learnt about the importance of education and how to maintain water-harvesting system.